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As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Together, however, they can answer questions that might not have even been raised yet.

The amount and depth of technical specifications produced vary widely across different segments of the industry, let those be created for internal use or for communicating technical details towards clients and users of the technology. This is primarily driven by the quality standards and compliancy requirements specific to the market. Nonetheless, even the most pragmatic business can face situations where a carefully crafted technical specification can provide great value.

Partner Interaction

No matter how well-oiled machine is the internal communication at a company, when a project necessitates interaction with an external partner or separate organization, it’s always challenging to align on the goals, responsibilities, and technical requirements imperative to the success of the project.

Professionally constructed technical documentation can aid such projects in multiple ways:

  • Enables more efficient communication between the parties
  • Allows for tracking decisions and the rationale behind them throughout the project
  • Can save tremendous amount of engineering resources by eliminating room for misunderstandings
  • Improves the perception of the collaboration

Standards Compliance

For industries or projects where respecting specific technical or non-technical standards is essential, no matter whether it’s about creating products and features according to the V-Model, creating or extending industry standards, meeting those usually requires the production of various levels of documentation:

  • Requirement specifications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Behavioral specifications
  • Verification and compliancy specifications

The Process

Creating great technical specifications is not just about carefully documenting the “known knowns”, it’s about raising the right questions and thus identifying implications that have not been discovered before and addressing those before they may prove to be a problem.

Having an expert with long-time experience in conducting such projects, including the development of high-availability systems and participating in the definition of industry standards specifications like VulkanĀ®, RasterGrid can guide your business through such projects:

  • Drive or mediate communication between the stakeholders
  • Collect technical requirements through incremental exploration of the problem space
  • Produce meticulous technical specifications on the way

If your business needs assistance with any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.