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A common mistake made by less seasoned software developers to convolute the concepts of the product and the underlying source code. Software engineering goes well beyond writing code, though nonetheless all related disciplines serve reaching the quantitative and qualitative goals of the product directly or indirectly through the code itself.

Software Architecture

Creating a great product requires solid foundations. That’s no different in case of software, thus the effort should always start with establishing a robust architecture. Lacking a thorough design and up-front plan to address certain architectural questions will inevitably result in the developers making all sorts of seemingly small decisions as part of writing code that might not be in line with the goals and requirements of the pursued product. Rectifying such decisions down the road can prove both expensive and detrimental to the quality of the end result.

This is particularly true for software projects that need to meet certain performance, scalability, or extensibility requirements, and products targeting horizontal markets such as middleware.

Bringing experience with designing the internal architecture of large, modular software systems, and designing APIs used by thousands of developers world-wide, your project is in good hands with RasterGrid.

Software Development

Having a solid plan and architecture is one thing, implementation is another. Even the best ideas can result in an unusuable product and most often the success of the project is down to execution.

It is essential for all software development teams to have at least one or more members that, aside from having excellent programming skills, can see beyond the code at hand:

  • Understand the architectural implications of the changes made
  • Be aware of the testing and validation needs of the new functionality
  • Being able to distinguish between critical and non-critical code from the point of view of performance, security, etc.

Industries and Services

  • Image processing, computer graphics, and multimedia
  • Device drivers (GPU, codec, sensor, or other dedicated hardware)
  • Middleware and developer tools
  • High-availability and scalable systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Feature and product development
  • Architecture evaluation and improvement
  • Performance optimization (CPU / GPU / other)
  • Porting to new technology (e.g. Vulkan)
  • Testing and verification

If you want to create efficient, scalable, and extensible software, or improve your existing software solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch.