Technical advisory, trainings, and software process improvement.

GPU Technology

If you are looking for technical advice from a domain expert or would like to teach graphics APIs and GPU programming technologies to your software engineers at any depth, you’re at the right place.

Founder of RasterGrid Kft., Daniel Rákos, is a Khronie Award winner contributor to the standards specification of the OpenGL® and Vulkan® graphics APIs, who participated in the definition of the latter from its birth, designing multiple key aspects of the API. There’s no better place to learn intricate details about graphics APIs and how to efficiently utilize them to extract the most performance out of the underlying GPUs.

Software Process Improvement

Generally speaking, software developers despise processes, mainly because those are often cookie-cutter models imposed upon them without considering the specific needs of the particular project. Terms like agile became curse words in the industry and counter-movements like Software Craftsmanship appeared with their own Manifesto. The worst part is that the abuse and misinterpretation of certain process principles, and the avoidance of processes all together in favor of rushed development both created a culture of stacking technical dept, fast and high.

A good process should not stand in the way but rather enable and aid the developers in achieving steady progress while meeting quality expectations. However, not every project has the same needs.

If you would like someone with past success in formalizing custom-tailored software processes for specific projects and teams to assess you team’s current practices then leave a message.