RasterGrid Kft. was founded by Daniel Rákos with the goal to share the passion towards scrupulously designed and efficiently implemented software with clients across a wide range of industries.

He is a long-time computer graphics and GPU enthusiast, former graphics driver developer, API architect, telecommunication system designer, and award winning contributor to the Vulkan® and OpenGL® graphics API standards.

The Vision

As the saying goes: “jack of all trades, master of none”. The technology world does a superb job at producing exceptionally skilled experts in all fields, similarly, corporations achieve great success by aligning their team towards a common goal through their company culture.

The downside of that, however, is that due to the vast knowledge amassed by mankind the experts of different fields become gradually more disconnected from each other making it increasingly difficult to efficiently solve cross-disciplinary and cross-industry problems, even in case of relatively close domains.

RasterGrid’s vision is to improve that by bringing a fresh eye to those and enabling access to lateral expertise for businesses that can benefit from it.